Maxim Surin’s online portfolio presents a comprehensive collection of case studies that highlight his multidisciplinary artistic practice. This practice encompasses strategic consulting, project management, web development, and an exploration of the convergence of digital culture, architecture, sound, and image. The portfolio showcases Surin’s extensive artistic research and development, which has led to the creation of diverse projects spanning multiple countries and creative disciplines, including interactive installations, documentary films, video art, and live audiovisual performances.



Member of the Board of Directors at Source Photographic Review, Belfast – London, United Kingdom.
Head of Collections at Argos Center for Audiovisual Art, Brussels, Belgium.
Strategist at Palma Creativa, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
; Fabergé Museum, St. Petersburg; THX Centre for Sound, Image and Digital Culture, The Hague, Netherlands

Research & Development at Palma Creativa, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; E.C.A.S. Network (European Cities of Advanced Sound), Berlin, Germany;  TodaysArt Festival, The Hague, Netherlands; Cimatics Digital Agency, Brussels, Belgium; Belfast Exposed, Belfast, Northern Ireland; PAErsche, Cologne, Germany; Arxiu Planas, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; AcciónMAD, Madrid, Spain; QSS Studios and Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Production Manager, Producer for Cimatics Digital Agency Brussels, Belgium
Video studio manager at Kaleri, Neformat, Multikultuurimaja Artists Association, Kadriorg studio and Von Krahli Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia

Volunteer at Arxiu Planas, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Netwerk Contemporary Art Center, Aalst, Belgium,  Argos Center for Audiovisual Art, Brussels, Belgium, Belfast Exposed

Tutor at MFA Goldsmith College, London; Queen’s University, Belfast, UK
Professor at Interdisciplinary Arts Department, Estonian Academy of Arts
, Tallinn, Estonia

The list outlines various research and development projects undertaken between 2001 and 2019.
The projects listed are a testament to the diverse range of research and development initiatives undertaken in the creative industries. The projects span over two decades and involve investigations into various themes, including branding and mapping of creative economies and cultures, museum and archive development, sound and digital culture, participatory media making, and documentary projects.

The projects demonstrate the versatility of creative professionals in adapting to changing demands in the sector. The research and development initiatives undertaken showcase a multidisciplinary approach to tackling challenges in the creative industry and culture, with projects ranging from multimedia labs, to sound and image institutions, to archives and museums. The outcomes of these initiatives have not only benefited creative practitioners, but have also contributed to the cultural heritage of the communities in which they are located.


2018 – 2019 Palma Creativa. Brand and unified visual identity of Palma, Creative City. Research & development, mapping of the creative economy and culture of Mallorca.
2018 – 2019 Arxiu Planas. Largest photography archive on Balearic islands produced and collected by Josep Planas i Muntanya from 50s to our days. Research & development proposal.
2017-2018 Research/ investigation of prospects of creating a modern museum of natural sciences in the harbour area of Saint – Petersburg, on the premises of the industrial estates of Sevkabel.
2015 – 2016 AcciónMAD performance network, Madrid, Spain. Archive/web development concept, publishing workshops.
2014 – 2015 PAErsche performance network, Cologne, Germany. Archive/web development concept, publishing workshops, in progress.
2014 QSS Studios and Gallery, Belfast, UK. Research on studios archive, web development, documentation.
2013 – 2014 Belfast Exposed, Belfast, UK. Research on photography archive, development proposal.
2011 – 2012 THX Centre fo Sound, Image and Digital culture, The Hague, Netherlands. Research for the new institution joining NIMk, STEIM and V2_ Institute for Unstable Media.
2010 – 2012 ECAS (European Cities of Advanced Sound), Berlin, Germany. Network of independent non-profit organisations, dedicated to advancing sound cultures, music and related arts. Marketing and artistic research, web development.
2011 Amplified architecture, The Hague, Netherlands. TodaysArt’s project for reflections on architecture, and urban infrastructures.
2011 Ryoichi Kurokawa installation Octfalls production, Venice Biennial collateral event “One of a thousand  ways to defeat entropy” at Arsenale pavilion.
2011 The Rise of Performative Architecture camp-conference, Brussels, Belgium.
2010 -2011 MyCityLab beta, Brussels, Belgium. Collaborative community platform.
2010 – 2011 Cimatics Digital Agency portfolio, Brussels, Belgium. Since 2003 agency was organising festival, dedicated to real-time audiovisual performances and installations, as well as actively involved with production and distribution of digital art.
2010 Minutes Lumiere network. Research on visual anthropology and participatory media making. In collaboration with Kanema, pedagogical documentary association, Spain.
2009 Argos Platform, Brussels, Belgium. Marketing analysis of the institution and proposal for online platform, presenting centre activities and largest collection of  video art and artistic documentary in Belgium. Argos Centre for Art and Media.
2008, Estonia. Pedagogical documentary project at Tartu Art College and series of screenings at KUMU and Athena Cinema.
2008 Quest Documentary project and collective exhibition commissioned by Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea, UK. In collaboration with Welsh-based artists Jan Gerlings, Paul Granjon, Jacob Whittaker and Minna Hint.
2006 Empty Spaces and their Occupants. Estonian exposition at VI Saint-Petersburg Festival of experimental art and performance, Manege. Russia.
2006 – 2007 Young Spanish Painters. Exhibitions series at Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn.
2006 -2009 Kadriorg Studio, Tallinn-London. Inter(national) cultural projects, audio-visual production and workshops.
2004 – 2005 Kaleri Artists-run space and multimedia lab. Tallinn, Estonia
2001 – 2003 Multikultuurimaja multimedia lab. Tallinn, Estonia.


Diagramming the Archive, Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, United Kingdom
Rencontres Art Vu, Amiens, France
Augusti TantsuFestival, Tallinn, Estonia
Festival Nuit Blanche, Brussels, Belgium
Festival Electron, Genève, Switzerland
Festival Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Festival Facyl, Salamanque,  Spain
Le Cube Festival, Issy – les – Moulineaux, France
Festival VIA, Mons,  Belgium
Festival EXIT, Créteil, France
Festival Nouveaux auteurs, Halle, Germany
Le Cinema Extraordinaire, NG Art Container, Tallinn, Estonia
Festival Chalon dans la rue, Chalon-sur-Saône,  France
Biennale de Charleroi-danses, Charleroi,     Belgium
Artists anthropologists, Y-Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
Mirror, mirror on the wall, is it Art or is it Porn? exhibition in collaboration with Merike Estna at Gallery Frederic Desimpel Brussels, Belgium
Festival DansCamDanse, Ghent, Belgium
Rauma Biennale Balticum, Rauma Art Museum, Finland
Goldsmiths College mid-course show with Merike Estna, London,   UK
New Wave. 21 century Estonian artists, Tallinn Art Hall (Estonia)
Pärnu XIII International Film- and video festival (Estonia). Grand Prix for the best Estonian audio-visual art work
Contemporary Art from Estonia, Baltic States, part III, Kalmar Art Museum (Sweden)
Consequences and Proposals. The Biennale of Young Artists, Tallinn (Estonia)
Quest, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea. UK
Flowers of evil, Gods Zoo is Diverse, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn. Estonia
Political/ Poetical, XIV Tallinn Print Triennial Estonia
Offline – online, international video art festival, Pärnu. Estonia
Word in Motion, text – video festival, Riga. Latvia
ISEA2004 International Symposium for Electronic Arts. Helsinki – Oslo – Stockholm – Tallinn
Last Hero, Rottermann Salt Storage exhibition hall, Tallinn. Estonia
Gooseflesh, international video and performance festival, Rakvere. Estonia
Look at me, British Fashion photography exhibition, Tallinn Art Hall. Estonia
Dark Nights, annual international film festival, Tallinn. Estonia
2001 – 2002
Allusions to Power group exhibition at VAAL Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Nordic Light annual light installation festival in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland
2001 – 2003, 2007

3 images of life and time – Tartu Museum of Art. Estonia ( Editor, Director Minna Hint )
Esenin in Tallinn, Rainbow Warrior – KUMU Estonian Museum of Art  ( Director )

Parables of еviction and regeneration processes documentary in collaboration with Elvira Santamaria 2016
Moving statues audiovisual installation in collaboration with Martin Byrne, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland 2015


Repetition documentary in collaboration with Minna Hint.
Tartu.doc collective documentary directed by Joanot Cortes and Maxim Surin. II Prize in short film festival Julius 2008, Spain.
Killer Knife, Fiction documentary, One crazy naked woman who dared to be honest, Gods Zoo is Diverse or War and Peace, Shkatulka, Man on the beach, It can be dangerous to want to know why videos in collaboration with Merike Estna.
Inside or Out documentary in collaboration with Minna Hint. Grand Prix for the best Estonian audio-visual art work at Pärnu XIII International Film- and video festival, Estonia.
Dance Marathon ballet adaptation. Choreography: Mai Murdmaa, music score: Rainer Jancis, director Maxim Surin.
Pigeons du Sabledocumentary film in collaboration with Merike Estna.
Flight002 documentary. Music score: Martin Pedanik.
3 images of life and time documentary. Editing: Maxim Surin, camera and director: Minna Hint.
Alien documentary. Director: Kert Grunberg, editing: Maxim Surin.
Kizoo animation in collaboration with Atoo and Martin Pedanik.
Meiega Võidavad Kõik! Esenin in Tallinn, Rainbow Warrior documentaries. Neformat Studio.
Flood documentary. Director: Kert Grunberg, editing: Maxim Surin.


Chambre(s) d’Hôtel video interface for performance by t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e. multidisciplinary collective, Brussels, Belgium. Urban space/ live video dance/ interview/ live sound/ live web broadcast. 2008 – 2014
Vool multimedia performance with Sirje Mottus, Kristi Muhling, Tarmo Johannes and Riina Maidre at KUMU Auditoorium, Tallinn. Estonia 2007
Metroluminal concert tour in Tallinn and Tartu. Estonia 2005
Koit concert. Tõnis Mägi and Estonian Symphonic Orchestra. Tartu Laululava. Estonia 2003
Maa ja ilm international ethnical music festival, Tartu. Estonia 2002
Export AV events series at various locations. Estonia 2002-2004
Konverter audio-visual festival, Tallinn. Estonia
We Rock! performance with Jasper Zoova, Martik Pedanik and Diva Natasja at Gooseflesh International performance festival. Estonia
The Dream Machine urban screen installation and performances with Sven Grunberg, Kulgurid, Taavi Laatsit and Jasper Zoova. Estonia
Zvezda performance in collaboration with Jasper Zoova and Illegal Model Agency at ERKI Annual Fashion Show. Estonia
Unison performance curated by Raul Keller. MKDK Production, Tallinn. Estonia
Sven Grünberg performance series at Von Krahli Theatre, Estonian Academy of Arts, Sakala Culture Center and Vanemuine Theatre
Bashment event series, Tallinn. Estonia 2001 -2005
Jazzitup! event series, Tallinn. Estonia 2003-2004
Mutant Disco event series, Tallinn. Estonia 2001-2003
Vision event series, Tallinn. Estonia 2000-2002
Residency at JazzKaar international jazz festival. Collaborations with Richard Galliano Trio, Jimi Tenor, Kroit, Nils Petter Molvaer Khmer, Rinneradio, Tung 69,  1999 – 2003
Sky is the Limit events series. Neuronphase, Tartu. Estonia 1998-2001

Ryoichi KurokawaAdam Leech, Angel Vergara, Roberto Paci DaloMerike Estna, Joanot Cortes, Elvira Santamaria, VJ K-os, Paul Granjon, Christoff Gillen, Jacob Whittaker, Jasper Zoova, Martin Pedanik, Raul Keller, Minna Hint, Timo Toots, Mark Raidpere, Atoo, Kert Grunberg, Andres Lill, Hanno Soans, Kiwa, Mai Murdmaa, Jorge Piquer Rodriguez, Andres Lõo, Riina Maidre, Rosita Raud, Peeter Linnap, Paul Rogers, Erki Laur, Kärt Ojavee, Peeter Laurits, BIe Erenurm, Ahto Külvet, Arnold Praust, Anders Härm, Igor Ruus, MIhkel Kleis, Pille Jurisoo, Liisi Eelmaa, Krista Rambak-Krull and others.

Raumlabort.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e.,, Showcase Beat Le Mot Theatre, Giardini Pensili Theatre, Von Krahli Theatre, Nargen Opera, Aeg Ruumis Theatre, New Arts Ensemble, Multikultuurimaja, Mung, Neuronphase.

Composers and musicians
Hafler Trio, Sven Grünberg, Tõnu Kaljuste, Rein Rannap, Tõnis Mägi, Estonian Symphonic Orchestra, Sirje Mottus, Kristi Muhling, Tarmo Johannes, Tiit Kikas, Rainer Jancis, Richard Galliano Trio, Jimi Tenor, Kroit, Nils Petter Molvaer Khmer, Rinneradio, Zion Train, Caribase, Django Bates, Courtnie Pine, Osibisa, Tung 69, Amalgamation of Soundz, Faze Action, Holmes, Una Bomba, Tummel, EZ Rollers, Spring Heel Jack, London Electricity, Basement Jaxx, Jazzanova, Fuzz Against  Junk, Grandmaster Flash,  Andrei Mongus Algol-Ool, Treee, Raul Saaremets, Metroluminal, Kulgurid, Taavi Laatsit, Ringo Ringvee, Tarrvi Laaman, Aivar Tonso and many others.

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