Palma Creativa

Palma Creativa

Strategic consultant and developer for branding and unified visual identity of Palma, Creative City. Mapping of the creative economy and culture and creation of an organic and collaborative digital platform for creative agents. Bridge and digital framework between the creative district and the new centre for creation Sa Presó de Palma. Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain 2018 - 2019.

New ID
An Emotional land
Objectives & actions
Brand. Visual Identity
Online platform for mapping, networking and consolidation
Integrated agency
Project team & partners

An Emotional land

A space has no meaning until it is experienced and shared. And Palma is a modern, cosmopolitan city, overlooking the sea and the whole world, a land ripe with all kinds of experiences and emotions, an easy-to-reach port and a point of confluence for all the cultures of the Mediterranean.

Palma is a thousand-year-old city, where the imprint of its immense legacy is evident to all, on every corner of the streets and squares of the historic centre. A narrow, winding network extends around the town hall building known as Cort, La Seu Cathedral and La Llotja, inviting you to enjoy them with all your senses.
Interestingly, the stretch which centuries back was the Riera course – from La Rambla to El Born – now constitutes an avenue of heritage and culture, lined by spaces that allow residents to have one of the most valuable experiences.

Routes through the main municipal creative venues and events in Palma

With this series of routes organized by theme, location and cultural events in the city, Palma Creativa wants to publicize the city of Palma’s creative wealth, from both a historical and contemporary perspective, and to showcase Palma’s potential in the creative sector.

Palma Creativa reinforces the perception of the city as a place of gathering, confluence and creation; an emotional land that promotes exchange and the discovery of cultural pleasure throughout the year, at municipal venues and in streets and squares.

Presentation of the new branding at the Ajuntament de Palma de Mallorca.


  • To facilitate the access of the citizens to the culture and to promote quality cultural tourism.
  • Make possible the cooperation between institutions, foundations and creative agents at the local, national and international levels.
  • Promote and demonstrate the benefits of the collaboration and connectivity of the creative sector as a source of innovation, value creation and collaborative practice between the creative fabric and the Administration.
  • Ensure the presence and co-management of the City Council of Palma in all events related to the creative fabric of Palma.


  • Conceive and develop the brand and visual identity of Palma as a city of Culture, Creation and Heritage.
  • Organize, update and unify current cultural communication channels.
  • Carry out a thorough and detailed study and mapping of the creative economy of Palma: sectors, spaces and services, public and private.
  • Design and build palmacreativa in order to offer a better infrastructure and interconnectivity. Business, technical and creative advice to the members of the platform.
  • Establish palmacreativa as the main source of content for the development of the creative economy of Palma for all audiences.


Brand. Visual Identity

ID elements

Concept and philosophy, Naming, Graphic Identity, Logotype, Slogan, Colour pallete, Typography, Patterns, grids and their systems, 3D motion graphics, animations, Documentary: process, corporate and promotional.


Posters, routes and signs of historic buildings. Online communications and printing: Brochure and leaflets. Graphic templates for social networking design. User interface design and brand adaptation for the digital platform www.latramapalma. Design for video content for social networks.  Mail campaigns and press dossiers. Public brand brochures and publications.
Promotional items: Stationery, postcards, invitations, business cards. Event bracelets, paper cups, stickers. Textile: Bags, T-shirts, hats, banners, umbrellas, flags.

It is essential to carry out all the production with local companies, cooperate with local creatives, and use ecological materials.

Download map

Online platform for mapping, networking and consolidation

  • Portfolios / joint circuits of agents and creative spaces.
  • Map of the spaces for creation, production, exhibition, education and residences.
  • Cultural and creative industries statistics.
  • Heritage routes.
  • Sectors, services and spaces (public and private).
  • Tools and research in education.
  • Social Networks.
  • Events calendar.
  • Calendar of festivals.
  • News and articles.
  • Directory of members and their profiles.
  • Internal news.
  • Resources, grants, funding and investors.
  • Collaborations and co-productions.
  • Matchmaking.
  • Production of knowledge.
  • Hub.
  • Discounts.
  • Partners.
Case studies city scale:

Baltic Тriangle
Creative City Berlin
Imagina Madrid
Make Liverpool



Kultursistema proposes a categorization matrix (or set of matrices) for the interpretation and mapping of cultural and creative ecosystems. It aims to reflect its diversity as regards sectors and subsectors, links of the value chain, typology of agents that intervene in this field, as well as the characteristics of the impacts and fundamental outputs.

Connexiones improbables

Practical guide to map the Creative Industries
Creative economy and culture series of the British Council.

Creative Skills

Case studies international scale:

European Creative Hubs, Creative TracksCiudades Creativas.
Culture Action Europe (CAE),
Design for EuropeDesign and The Public Sector.
EUROCITIESCulture for Cities and Regions.
COIN Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor, Europa Creativa Cultura.
Trans Europe Halles (TEH), ENCC – European Network of Cultural Centres.

UNESCO The Creative Cities Network.
The Network of Creative Cities is currently made up of 180 members from 72 countries, covering 7 creative areas: crafts and popular arts, design, film, gastronomy, literature, music and digital arts.


Architecture, Design, Digital, Fashion, Cinema, Music, Sculpture, Technology, Videogames, Visual Arts, Performing Arts.

Spaces and activities

Workshops, Bar / cafe / restaurant, cinema, coworking spaces, venues for events, exhibition spaces, concert halls, theaters, festivals, galleries, recording studios, Heritage spaces, meeting spaces, online directory, spaces ofproduction, stores, producers

Services and resources

Coworking, commerce, community and social services, communication, exhibition and curators, manufacturing, incubation and startups, international opportunities, investments, mentoring and advice, training and professional development, research, residences, sales.

Unified interface

Information channel for all members of the platform, creative agents of Palma and the general public.

Joint portfolio

Of all creative agents and partners to facilitate the interaction between them. Point of resources for financing, advice, sales and investment.


Local, insular, national and international network.

Integrated agency

La Volta

La Volta is a framework for artists, artisans and creators in the district of Sant Narcís de Girona whose dual objective is economic and commercial dynamization of the territory through culture and art, and the professionalisation of the emerging sector of the Creative industries of Girona, conceived and coordinated by the FANG agency, with the initial support of the Bòlit, Contemporary Art Center and the European Social Fund.


MyCityLab beta is an online space designed and developed by Maxim Surin that shows artistic projects, educational resources, technological developments and participatory processes that are based on a direct relationship with a particular local context. Brussels.

ECAS, TodaysArt, THX.

Space for meetings, projects assessments, training, consulting and legal services.

Office for matchmaking. One-stop window for the comprehensive advice in the creative economy: creators-projects-public-organisations.
Complete communication service for creator: naming, branding, web, video, design, events, press.

Continuous research of support programs, grants, scholarships, funding and financing at the local, national and international levels.
Design of scenarios to promote shared visions and toolkits to stimulate the implementation of new initiatives that bring greater social, cultural and environmental impact.

Creation and organisation of the initial working team for design, strategy and functionalities plan for the former Presó de Palma (Jail of Palma).




Research and synthesis
Case studies.
Observacions online and offline.
Compilation and organisation of content.
Configuration of the technical framework. Purchase of necessary tools.
Creation of questionnaires and surveys online.
Preliminary ideas for visual identity.
Establishment of the first promotional website (Public platform).
Mediation of the message. Presentation of the objectives.
Social network strategy. Accounts.


Completion of the first online working prototype (Public Platform).
Selection and presentation of Palma’s most representative projects in all areas and sectors.
Presentation of the first visual brand versions.
Platform editorial strategy for partners, collaborators and other possible sources (education, financing, tourism, etc.)
Organisation of workshops / sessions with interest groups and decision on functionality priorities.
Proposal of a strategic plan for short-term development of the platform.

Fase 2


Compilation of contents, profiles and portfolios of agents, organisations, companies, spaces, services and activated through institutional funds, university, etc.
Reception of information and statistics through the website and CRM (management of the registration of contacts).
Email campaigns (Mailchimp).
Face-to-face and focus groups interviews .
Collaborations with institutions and organisations in the educational, social, cultural and creative sector of Palma


Launching the pilot of the platform.
Implementation of the Intranet and directory.
Design of maps and statistics.
Implementation of the visual brand for all media.
Strategy for the long-term platform development period, and extension at the insular level.

Fase 3


Integrated agency.
Active participation in the Som Sa Presó collective and the CAC Palma Motor Group.
Explore the connections and creative experiences that exist in the Can Capiscol neighborhood and the creative district La Soletat-Nou Llevant.
Matchmaking and creation of new opportunities.
Establishing contacts for the creation of the initial working group.


Conceptualization, remodeling and uses of the old Palma Prison.
Drafting of the Strategic Plan and Functionalities of the Creation Center Sa Presó.
Production of the documentary “La Trama de Palma” about the collective processes of urban transformation of Palma as a creative city.
Creation and online dissemination of creative videos to make the process of creating the Trama Palma and remodeling the old Prison accessible to the public.

Project team

Core team

Active participation

FANG Agency
Gal·la Miserachs
Joana Abrines
Quim Marin
Joanot Cortès
Maxim Surin

It is the soul of the project.
They establish the project plan and ensure that it is kept up and running.
The team responds to the results of the project.
Owners of the design and production process.

Extended team


Tres Cultura
Quim Marin Design
Intermediae Matadero
La Harinera Zaragoza

Group of experts
They bring their experience.
They provide specific knowledge.
They can also act as reviewers for the work of the core team.

Board of Advisors


Grup Motor CAC Palma
Som Sa Presó
Es Baluard
Casa Planas
Ramon Llull 2030
Think Up Culture Palma

Advisory Board, including the City Government, different councils and departments, and the representatives of the different clusters, and groups of artists and creators.
They must be kept informed during the development of the project and be able to contribute with their knowledge and experience.
They are committed to the result and support the work of the team through the organization.
Decision making, advice and coverage for the core team.

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