Collaborations with Merike Estna

The King

Peephole video box 2008
Goldsmiths University, Fine Arts mid-course show, London, UK 2008.

Is painting art?

Video 2008

With Merike Estna and Anne Helmond-Hotte

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Fiction documentary

Video 2007

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Crank-operated video object 2006

Group exhibition Flowers of evil, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn. Estonia 2008.

Camera: Mark Sionberg

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Crazy naked woman who dared to be honest

Video teaser 2006
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The Songs of Estonian Women

Opera by Nargen Opera and Von Krahli Theatre at Naissaar Island (Women Island), Estonia 2006.

Light and kinetic objects in collaboration with Merike Estna.

Author: Veljo Tormis
Musical director: Tõnu Kaljuste
Scenography: Peeter Jalakas
Nargen Opera Choir soloists

Performance was produced at conductor Tonu Kaljuste’s new solar powered concert hall opened at Naissaar, Women’s island, near Tallinn.
It was only lit with candle light and the sound was 100% acoustic.

Loitsu ja ooperi kohtumine  Johanna-Mai Vihalem, “Eesti Ekspress” Areen 19.06.2006
Eesti naiste laulud” tripp teise reaalsusse  Anu Aaremae, “Postimees” 19.06.2006
Naised ınnistasid sisse Vastutuulesaali  Tui Hirv, “Eesti Paevaleht” 17.06.2006
Tınu Kaljuste: “Eesti naiste laulud” on hırk etendus  Brigitta Davidjants, “Eesti Paevaleht” 31.05.2006

Performance granted with Estonian State Cultural Premia for the Creative Achievement 2009.

Photos by Reet Aus Studio and Erki Laur.

God´s Zoo is Diverse aka War and Peace

Video 2005

I will play if you pay

Coin-operated automata 2007.

Exhibition “Mirror, mirror on the wall, is it Art or is it Porn?” at Gallery Frederic Desimpel Brussels, Belgium 2008.

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Sound painting

Interactive multiple object.

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