Graphic sound visualizers

Graphic sound visualizers

Boris Chimp 504 AV live performance at Noite Branca, Braga.

Rodrigo Carvalho (Visuals), Miguel Neto (Sound), 2015. More:

Blueprint at Sónar 2015

Joanie Lemercier (Visuals), James Ginzburg (sound) , 2015.
BluePrint’s also exists as audvisual installation, check it here.

STM~Duality Luis Sanz and Niculin Barandun, 2015. More here.

Superposition Rioji Ikeda, 2012. More here.

This City

Mark Wheeler, 2015. Technical details here , creative applications’ article.

Projectors – Martin Messier, 2014.

More info and full credits here.

Entropia Fraction (Concept&music), Louis Philippe St-Arnault (sphere&visual), Nature Graphique (sphere visuals & dôme),  Ex Nihilo (generative visuals), 2015. More here.

White noise / Black noiseJoel Dittrich, 2012/2013.

 Odaibe live av, 2012

Cyclotone IIPaul Prudence, 2015. More here.

α (alpha) pulseCarsten Nicolai, 2014. More here, interview with Carsten Nicolai about the process here.

The Audion subvertical tour. more: Vitamotus

Police Franck Vigroux (music), Philippe Fontès (Visuals), 2012.

QTIO 3Zen Bullets (visuals), Brothomstates (Audio).

MOME RATHS – Jeff Kurihara (Visuals), Chris Ozley (Music).

Sheet oneVisiophone (Visuals), Plastikman (Audio).

XENAS Lasal (Visuals), Plaster (Audio).

Noise 00.026.127Kawano Takeshi (Visuals), Hatori Yumi (Music).


Apophenia IF, 2014, more here.
Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

BLUEPRINTJoanie Lemercier (visuals, concept), James Ginzburg, Yair Glotman (music), 2015, more here.


RESONANT Bruno Ribeiro (concept, design), OH1 (structure), Studio Bruyant(programming), Turnsteak (sound design), 2015. More here.


Patterns of HarmonyGaspar Battha, 2014. More here.

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