Michael Chion describes the relation between sound and image as “added value”. Sound manipulates the way the image on screen is perceived, it can enhance image expression and suggest scenarios that are not visible on screen. Sound works as the “audiovisual chain”, unifying and binding the flow of images and defining the atmosphere.
(*ref:  Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen, Michel Chion, 1994)

UMFELD “The piece is an intense sensory expedition that takes the audience through eight chapters comprising a drama drawing on the dynamic arc of a feature film, but consisting of highly abstract sounds and images. Sound and image emerge as if from the same engine, examining detailed worlds of audiovisual relationships and forging a progressive journey through a dynamic environment of moving image and spatialized sound”
Sound by Speedy J and Visuals by Scott Pagano. Watch all the chapters online here. More info and download and/or buy here.
seismik “Inspired by geodetic phenomenoms, frictionnal slidings, fossil earthquakes and the geologycal modelings, seismik use stress fields to provoque tension between vertical layering dislocations. using the siesmic data of our planet territories, herman kolgen create, with this new work, nervous stratigraphic audiovisual motifs.”
Herman Kolgen.
Prelude of faces of N “A hypercubist portrait, Faces of N. includes a six track audiovisual EP and a live performance of the same. The audiovisual EP includes five more videos: one for each outfit. All music created from the sounds of the clothes. “
Gabriel Shalom, more info and full credits here.
Autechre – Gantz Graf “The video features an abstract object (or an agglomeration of objects) synchronized to the music as it morphs, pulsates, shakes, and finally dissolves. Alex Rutterford claims the idea for the “Gantz Graf” video came during one of his LSD trips.[1] Rutterford also stated that there was no generative element to the imagery; every three-dimensional object in the agglomeration was painstakingly and manually synchronised with a specific element or frequency range within the track.” (*ref: wiki)
Alex Rutterford. Alex interviewed by Nick Kilroy here.
Plastikman – Psyk Music video created for the Plastikman’s track “Psyk”, New York, 2001. In the following link, the story and process of Ali while working on Plastikman’s videos.
Ali M. Demirel.

 Synaesthetic visualizations


Pic: Revolving Spheres, Visiophone/  The Bot/ Jaques-Andre Dupont/ Gold Thinking, Alba Corral

The Bot “Scattered chords of a warm, finely modulated synth are thrown into an almost infinite space.”
Music by Shed . Visuals by Jaques-Andre Dupont
Revolving Spheres Audio reactive visuals, made with Quartz Composer. Using “Inisphere” by INIMART, with an audio-reactive height map.
Music by Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head. Visuals by Rodrigo Carvalho [Visiophone]
Gold Thinking “Accumulation of thousands of points on a digital canvas”.
Music by Nikka. Visuals by Alba Corral
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Julien Bayle
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