Net neutrality


Museopunks Podcast Episode 16 – Net Neutrality.
Net neutrality is a hot topic at the moment, in light of changes proposed by US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler that would allow Internet Service Providers to charge a premium for those who can afford to pay to deliver their content better and faster to their online audiences.

This issue has many in the museum sector concerned, with a post by Nancy Proctor on the Museums and the Web site noting that “It’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which the only way museum content gets seen online is if the museum has done a deal with a major online publisher.” Similarly, the Museum Computer Group (UK) have written that “every audience member and institution we work with would be affected if net neutrality was lost and non-discriminatory access to information was put at risk in the United States of America.”

In this episode, the Punks are joined by Titus Bicknell from Museums and the Web, and Chief Digital Officer for RLJ Entertainment, to unpack the concept of net neutrality, and find out what the proposed changes might mean for museums.

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