AV miscellaneous

AV miscellaneous

Point Cloud visualizations as virtual representations of 3D scanned real worlds

Sight lines
“To see how driverless cars might perceive and misperceive the world, ScanLAB Projects drove a 3-D laser scanner
through the streets of London.”

By ScanLab, 2015. More info here.

House of cards
Video clip for Radiohead House of cards made without cameras or lights. “Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data”


Director: James Frost, Technical Director: Aaron Koblin, 2008. More info here.
Find open source 3D data here.

DIY 3d scanning
Realtime 3d scanning with structured light using one projector and one camera
( in a pre-kinect era).


By Kyle McDonald, 2009. More info and technical details at Instructables.

“CLOUDS is an interactive documentary that presents a conversation among 40 artists, designers, and hackers who use code, and collaborate on open source tool kits. It explores themes of creativity and invention, interactive art, simulation, computational design, data visualization, and the future of storytelling.“

“CLOUDS allows the viewer to explore different perspectives on the intersection of code and culture. Filmed using a new 3D cinema format called RGBD and created entirely with open-source software, CLOUDS uses a data-driven “story engine” to present an endless, ever-changing conversation.”

By Jonathan Minard and James George, 2014. More info at the project page.

Point cloud slitscanning
“Point cloud captured in the Kinoptic Dome at Carnegie Mellon University. Slitscanned and rendered in Openframeworks.”

By Michelle Ma, 2015. More info at the project page.

[divider]Projection mappings on faces [/divider]

Real-Time Face Tracking and projection mapping. “[Omote] is a Japanese word for face, or a mask. Face is considered as [mirror] that reflects human soul, a separation between Omote (exterior) and Ura  (interior), and in Nogaku, Japan’s classical musical plays, performers use Omtoe masks to express multitude of dramatic emotions.”

By Nobumichi Asai, Hiroto Kuwahara, and Paul Lacroix, 2014. More info here.

Chase no face
“A music video for BELL. No post-production effects were used in this video. everything on the face is happening in real-time, via hacked Kinect, laptop and LED projector. It’s built using FaceTracker code from Jason Saragih”

Visuals by Zach Lieberman, Francisco Zamorano, Andy Wallace, and Michelle Calabro. Music by BELL, 2012. Making of video here.

Golem x Apollo
“Golem is an installation using antic sculpture and video to create the uncanny feelings. Instilling the living and the human in the non-human, this work questions the deception of the virtualized image of the living and our empathy for a picture of the reconstructed body, in short the sensitive border between virtual reality and virtuality real”

By BK-Digital Art Company, 2015. More info here.

Explore your dual world
Human face video mapping. “2 video projectors, 1 for the actor, the 2º for the background.
No post production or digital correction.”

By Oskar & Gaspar, 2013.

Sodazot Surreal Self-Portrait.

By Igor Tatarnikov, 2014.

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