SYN-PHON – Candaş Şişman

Sound performance (2013-2018) based on graphical notation by Candaş Şişman.
Candas’s trials of combing various forms don’t necessarily imply the mere creation of a pioneering flash but rather the use of the endless possibilities in associating the known and unknown. Through the unknown, we come about with a new way of thinking that tries to substitute and make space for a new tool of self-expression. Conclusively the graphical notation gives liberate opportunity in creating one’s personal language that holds its basis on feeling the visual and sound in parallel.

Candas Sisman (graphical notation, composition, electronics and objects), Barabás Lőrinc (Trumpet), and Ölveti Mátyás (Cello), 2013. More information at the project’s page.

From the album ‘4 compositions’
by Ensemble d’oscillateurs
on LINE ( / release date: Oct 12, 2018

The music of constellations: lines scattering to compressed galaxies/sound clusters. Spheres growing and leaking sounds. A sporadic yet prominent dialogue between the lowest and the highest.

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