Screenlab 0x02

ScreenLab 0x02 was an artistic Residence by a group of artist( Elliot Woods, Kyle McDonald, Joanie Lemercier, and Joel Gethin Lewis) at MediaCityUK, University of Salford.
During the residence they explored new modes of perception inside of a CAVE reality environment. “The piece by Joanie Lemercier and Kyle McDonald celebrated the five Platonic solids in an unusually immersive virtual reality environment: a space where, without geometric primitives, there would be nothing Using 14 projectors mapped in a CAVE, with head tracking, projection mapping, stereo 3d, motion capture, and wave field synthesis, an absorbing audiovisual space is presented for explored by a single visitor. While interfacing with the CAVE proved challenging, the duo created a number of varied outputs all revolving around the theme described above.” (via CreativeApplications)


“Aether celebrates the five Platonic solids representing the elements of earth, air, water, fire and the heavens, without which there would be nothing. Using the Octave’s 14 projectors with a combination of projection mapping techniques, motion capture and wave field synthesis technologies to create an absorbing audiovisual space is to presented for and explored by a single visitor immersive single-person experience.”
More info: By: Elliot WoodsKyle McDonaldJoanie LemercierJoel Gethin Lewis.

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