QSS gallery av series

Audiovisual series at QSS Gallery

Collaboration with Brendan O'Neil and Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland 2014-2015
Role: Co-producer

Marginalia exhibition opening at QSS Studios & Gallery, Belfast. 4th of September 2014. Una Lee and Aounghus McEvoy performance.

Sonorities festival at QSS Studios & Gallery, Belfast. 16, 25th of April, 2nd of May 2015. Katharine Philippa performance.

QUBe performance. Grainne Meyer, Edward Butler, Ricardo Jacinto, Aonghus McEvoy

Barry Cullen and Una Lee performance.

Lorcan Doherty & Tristan Clutterbuck performance.

Una Monaghan performance.

Una Lee‘s ‘It winded the humming of sea’ live-tweeted by Yasmine Sefoa.

Dave Loder performance at solo exhibition “From the breach”.

Head of Wantastiquet performance.

Three Eyed Makara performance.

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