The new online museum manifesto – Javier Pereda


MW2014 Lightning Talk

The New Online Museum Manifesto: Defining the Differences Between Museums on the Web and the Online Museum
Javier Pereda, University of Southampton, UK

The Web has changed how we interact with the world and museums are not the exception. The online museum (OM) has been commonly defined among others as a virtual or digital museum. Nevertheless, new technologies and the way they have been adopted by society and the museum sector, have transformed the OM in such a way that these terms might not encompass its full capabilities. Moreover, these technologies such as Linked Data, The Internet of Things, Embodied Interaction and Ubiquitous Computing amongst many others, have changed how we interact with data and information provided by the museums.

These technologies have to be studied from an interdisciplinary approach to understand how society might adopt and use them in the OM.

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