Experiencing the interface symposium


The Bard Graduate Centre
As new technologies become an increasingly important part of everyday life they beg new questions for museum presentation and exhibition design. This half-day symposium will consider these questions in relationship to the BGC Focus Gallery exhibition The Interface Experience. This exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the design and material experience of computers by encouraging them to ask personal questions about how their interaction with these devices has influenced their lives. Including presentations by both curators of technology and technologists working to create compelling exhibition experiences about technology, the symposium will open up conversations about how technology fits into the study and display of material culture in the twenty-first century and the role of computing interfaces in those areas.


Deborah G. Douglas, Director of Collections and Curator of Science and Technology, MIT Museum “Tech’s Museum/Museum Tech: Challenges for Presenting Technology at MIT”

Jonathan Dahan, Developer, “Dusting Off the Stacks”

Panel Discussion:
Deborah G. Douglas, Jonathan Dahan, Kimon Keramidas, Jennifer Foley, Koven J. Smith

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