Crowdsourcing-art-mapping smart-cities: Accessing Art Collections Outside the Museum


Cristina Locatelli, “Crowdsourcing – Art-Mapping Smart-Cities: Accessing Art Collections Outside the Museum”, Museums and the Web Florence 2014

In this paper I will discuss the outreach potential of those mobile museum applications that relate art collections to places on a digital map and in the real world, at first focusing my attention on a specific crowd-sourcing application and on a case study that illustrates its usage, then making more general observations on the related constructivist learning experience and recommendations on how to effectively adapt it to the city of Florence’s historical context.
I will start describing the affordances of the Art Maps web-based application, a research project funded by Horizon and led by researchers at the Universities of Exeter and Nottingham in collaboration with the departments of Learning, Digital and Research at Tate, London.

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