Big-picture strategy for collection-information technology projects


“Big-Picture Strategy for Collection-Information Technology Projects at the Cleveland Museum of Art”, MCN 2013
How do you get and use data about your collections out there for the public to enjoy? How do you reach the researcher? How do you make sure the information offered up for each artwork is correct and current, wherever and whenever it’s used? How do you make sure one change in the data is reflected everywhere?

It takes a “big picture” strategy to get it right! The Cleveland Museum of Art shares its holistic approach to artwork-related information—from metadata standards and systems development, to integration and user interface—and illustrates its effectiveness with eight short case studies from recent and current technology projects. The team will also highlight the back-end data flows that enable these projects, and share hair-raising, real-life tales of data run amok when projects temporarily lose sight of the “big picture.”

Niki Krause Applications Services Manager, Cleveland Museum of Art
Jane Alexander Director of Information Management, Media and Tech, Cleveland Museum of Art
Jeanne DeBonis Web Developer, Cleveland Museum of Art
Andrea Bour Collections Information Data Analyst, Cleveland Museum of Art

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