Actors & Extras

actors_extras_coverThe publication Actors & Extras appears following the exhibition of the same name at Argos.
Five authors highlight the theme of characterization from various angles.
Georges Didi-Huberman’s contribution People exposed, People as Extras explores how
cinema represents the masses.

Sven Lütticken highlights the performance tradition in the visual arts in relation to the
producing of subjectivity.

On the basis of the classic cinema, in Figures of the Extra, Paul Willemsen composes a
typology of the extra and subsequently gives attention to the aberrant status of the extra in modern cinema and contemporary art. Thomas Trummer’s Volonté Générale. Extras in Film and Democracy questions the responsibility of the anonymous individual.

With The Passing Actor: Sketch of a Renaissance Jean-Louis Comolli analyses how the
concept of acting in a documentary has a different interpretation than in a fiction film.
The last part of the publication describes the selected works in the exhibition.

Actors & Extras

ISBN  9789076855004, 16,8cm X 23,4cm, 168pp, English, Argos Editions and Siemens Arts

Program, 2009.

Price: €25
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