3D [Embodied] – Joao Beira, Bruce Pennycook

3D [Embodied] is a mixed reality performance involving a virtual world as a platform to explore 3D immersive spatial virtual and physical displays. Combining real time geometry perspective transformation of the peripheral projected space and skeleton tracking from the dance performer, 3D [Embodied] experiences spatial augmented reality.

Skeleton tracking and perspective test: Joao Beira,  Choreography by Yacov Sharir, sound design by Bruce Pennycook and technical support by Sebastian Kox, Yago de Quay and Marta Ferraz. More: Beira, J., Carvalho R., Kox S. (2013). “Mixed reality immersive design: a study in interactive dance”. in “ImmersiveMe ‘13” Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international workshop on Immersive media experiences.

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