immersive av3D [Embodied]

3D [Embodied]

“3D [Embodied] is a mixed reality performance involving a virtual world as a platform to explore 3D immersive spatial virtual and physical displays. Combining real time geometry perspective transformation of the peripheral projected space and skeleton tracking from the dance performer, 3D [Embodied] experiences spatial augmented reality.”

Skeleton tracking and perspective test

By Joao Beira,  Choreography by Yacov Sharir, sound design by Bruce Pennycook and technical support by Sebastian Kox, Yago de Quay and Marta Ferraz. More detailed info :
Beira, J., Carvalho R., Kox S. (2013). “Mixed reality immersive design: a study in interactive dance”. in “ImmersiveMe ‘13” Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international workshop on Immersive media experiences.

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